Yolanda Fierro

Yolanda Fierro
Passion of the Gold Pyramid
Passion of the Gold Pyramid by Yolanda Fierro


by Yolanda Fierro

In Lake County, Illinois, there is a small village called Wadsworth, a picture-perfect Midwestern town where young families liked to raise their kids, and retirees spent their days puttering around in their gardens or fishing on the nearby lake. And there was a golden Egyptian pyramid. An honest-to-goodness, five story tall seventeen thousand square foot pyramid with a 50-foot tall 200 tons of steel and concrete statue of Rameses II guarding the entrance. This is the story of one man’s passion to bring his love of everything Egyptian to his property in Illinois, and build his very own golden pyramid.

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Yolanda Fierro
When I began my journey with the Onans, it was to assist in creating the Pyramid Water brand, but it evolved into a whole new path. Learning the mysteries of the Gold Pyramid opened me up to new way of life. The positive energy I felt in the project was amazing and so were all the wonderful people I met along the way.

Now as executive director for Gold Pyramid Brands, I am instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the Pyramid house events and tours. I even get to dress up as Cleopatra. I oversee the Pyramid Bottling, Pyramid Vodka, Onan Storage, Onan Senior Housing and commercial buildings. I also have Club Tiki and Isabella’s as part of the Jimmy Onan enterprise.

We never know where God will take us, but if we open our hearts to Him, the possibilities are endless. My experiences at the Gold Pyramid inspired me to tell the story of the Passion of the Gold Pyramid in the hopes that you will make the journey to experience it and feel the unique, life-changing energy.

Visit www.goldpyramid.com

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