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Tony Lopes

Tony Lopes author of Nightingale, Say Goodby to Yesterday
Nightingale, Say Goodby to Yesterday by Tony Lopes
Nightingale, Say Goodby to Yesterday by Tony Lopes

NIGHTINGALE: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

by Tony Lopes

Moving to an upscale retirement community is daunting enough but when local residents find out that Adelia is not a wealthy widow and her property was purchased by someone else, the fight begins.

They are determined to force her out of her new home and banish her from Savannah Valley. When three curious neighbors band together to find out more, they learn of her extraordinary knowledge and realize that money is not the only value that someone can bring to this exclusive enclave.

Nightingale is filled with intrigue, personal drama, and new awareness about investment, and generational wealth. It is when we open our hearts to those who come from different backgrounds that we learn how much they bring to our lives.

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Tony Lopes is a first-generation American, investor, consultant, real estate professional, author, and macroeconomic enthusiast. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from UMass. Tony worked in the defense industry for 19 years in various leadership positions managing multi-million dollar programs while simultaneously building a portfolio of residential income properties. His investments, coupled with his understanding of markets and economics allowed him to retire at age 44. He now coaches others who are seeking a more enjoyable life with greater freedoms. Tony’s journey has given him valuable insight into the topics and teachings provided in this book.



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