Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello
Elevate: Build a Business Where Everybody Win
Elevate: Build a Business Where Everybody Win

ELEVATE: Build A Business Where Everybody Wins

by Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello, the Home Service Millionaire wrote Elevate to talk about what inspired him and how you can learn from his experiences. He quotes from his favorite successful business gurus and explains what it takes to get to the top. He teaches you his method for training and inspiring employees, teaching accountability and improving performance for any size business. A lively discussion of what it takes to succeed.

“ Elevate is not just a collection of great ideas, but a set of actual strategies that Tommy has personally used to build one of the largest home service companies in America. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

— Ken Goodrich - Serial Entrepreneur and Home Services icon

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Tommy Mello — the Home Service Millionaire

Tommy Mello is the owner and operator of A1 Garage Door Service, a leading $180+ million home service business based in Phoenix, Arizona, with over 700 employees in 19 states and 30 markets.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Mello moved to Phoenix in 1999 and began a career painting garage doors. Mello launched his business, which at the time was called A1 Garage Door Specialists, in 2007 while earning his master’s degree in business from the University of Arizona. Overcoming several obstacles, he was able to shift from being $50k in debt to owning a multi-million home services company, currently the largest independently owned garage door company in North America.

In 2018, Mello wrote an Amazon best-selling book called Home Service Millionaire, which details his journey of going from $50,000 in debt to a $30 million business at the time. The book provides actionable advice for small business owners to immediately improve every aspect of their home service business. He also hosts a podcast called The Home Service Expert where he talks with leading entrepreneurs about the insights that have made them successful. Mello has appeared in several top publications and written for outlets such as Inc. and Entrepreneur.

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