Tom Wright

Tom Wright
WAVE 4 HEALTHY LIVING: Principles of Exercise, Nutrition, A Healthy Mind, and a Healthy Spirit by Tom Wright
WAVE 4 HEALTHY LIVING: Principles of Exercise, Nutrition, A Healthy Mind, and a Healthy Spirit by Tom Wright

WAVE 4 HEALTHY LIVING: Principles of Exercise, Nutrition, A Healthy Mind, and a Healthy Spirit
by Tom Wright

Tom Wright has dedicated his life to inspiring others to reach their highest potential, first by setting an example himself, and then by focusing on teaching true and correct principles of healthy living in four main areas; fitness, nutrition, mind and spirit. These principles, if followed, will lead you to true health, wealth, happiness and joy!

“WAVE 4 Healthy Living is a comprehensive guide to living. The concepts in this book will help anyone live a healthy, happy, robust, fulfilling and righteous life. All who read it will find it informative, revealing, interesting and appealing.”

Dr. L Jay Silvester, Six-Time World Record Holder (Discus), Olympic Silver (Munich 1972) and Olympic Bronze Medalist (Montreal 1976), Retired College Professor, Olympic Coach (Sidney 2000)

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Tom Wright is a professional athlete and health educator. He’s a former NY Yankee outfielder, and hosts and produces a TV show about healthy living that has run into over 50 million homes on mainstream television. Thirty plus of the regional TV show episodes are posted on our website,

Currently he is working on getting on the Champions (Senior) PGA Tour, and hopes to qualify for the European Senior Tour next year.

Tom has a college degree from Brigham Young University in Physical Education, and started a Masters Program, also in Physical Education, before his offer to play with the Yankees. He has also played in the Mexican Major Leagues, and is now a knuckleball pitcher. Tom is still hoping to pitch in Major League Baseball, and become the only player to ever compete on into his 60’s. His fastball is still in the 80’s.

Tom has been a competitive power lifter, with a dead lift of over 600 pounds, and a squat of 500 pounds in competition. He’s captured on video easily dead lifting 405 pounds four times at age 57.

Tom is also the author of the Question Everything Comics, along with illustrator, David Lau. Their first book, Tommy Goes to the Beach, is now available and can be purchased online

Tom has many other interests and hobbies including art, movies, writing, reading, and classic cars. He’s written over 20,000 pages just in his journals. Tom loves people and is passionate about helping as many people as possible to live healthy and happy lives. .

I have been very blessed in my life to have wonderful parents, great teachers and friends, and opportunities to go to school, play professional sports, and learn many things from people much wiser than myself. The principles taught here are not mine, I believe they come from God, I know things can be better said, and I’m sure I’ve left some really important things out of this discussion that should be included. Please let me know if you see any major flaws, or feel something should be included in subsequent editions. Write to me at

Thank you so much for reading and I hope something I’ve said might help you in your life.


Tom Wright

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