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Digital Medical Home: How the Telemedicine Revolution Ignited the Creation of Precision Health
Digital Medical Home: How the Telemedicine Revolution Ignited the Creation of Precision Health

HEALED: Your Miracle Awaits

by Sara O'Meara

The messages in this book are really simple.

Each message is based on faith and trust which becomes a magnet for miracles. At different times in our life, we come to a place where nothing but a miracle is the answer. By choosing to read this book your time has come to be set free. The power of the Holy Spirit will engulf you and cause you to be wrapped in His healing power with His unconditional love for you. Believe God’s miracles are available to you at this very moment. Expand your vision of the renewal of your body, your mind—and above all—your spirit. God is waiting for you to have FAITH and TRUST solely in Him. Your miracle awaits…

“The gift of healing and the blessing of God shine through in this magnificent book.”

Mark Victor Hansen, #1 NYT Chicken Soup for the Soul®

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“From the moment I met Sara many decades ago, I knew there was something ‘other worldly’ about her. Both she and her best friend, Yvonne Fedderson, who were always inseparable, radiated the joy and beauty and peace of the Holy Spirit so abundantly that it almost took your breath away. Few people realize that Sara experienced a lifesaving miracle of her own, and only then discovered that she too had been anointed by the spirit to heal others in Jesus’ name. This is Sara’s story, and it will literally move you to tears as it astonishes you by the profound power of God to move mountains, over and over again.”

Kathie Lee Gifford, Television Presenter, singer, songwriter, actress, and author

Sara O'Meara was given God’s healing gift over 51 years ago. Her life changing ministry continues to this day where thousands of healings have been verified. Currently she holds monthly services at The Little Chapel located in Arizona.

Sara O’Meara was born Sara Buckner in Knoxville, Tennessee and was educated at Briarcliff Junior College, New York; Endicott College, Massachusetts; The Sorbonne, France; and Pasadena Playhouse, California. Sara lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona. She has a son, John Hopkins. Her other son, Chuck, passed away in 1988 in an auto accident. Sara also has a daughter, Taryn, and three grandchildren. Sara lost her husband Colonel Robert (Bob) Sigholtz in 2005. Bob was a highly decorated Colonel who fought in three wars—World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He was also the Athletic Director of Georgetown University.

As Childhelp Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO Sara O’Meara is actively involved in the development and oversight of the organization. Sara serves as the organization’s key spokesperson and is primarily responsible for fund development and overall oversight of the organization’s business. She has served on the boards of international organizations concerned with child welfare. As a board member for the International Union for Child Welfare, she was the sole United States representative among First Ladies and ministers of numerous nations. She also served as chairman of the International Alliance of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Sara has received more than 100 awards for her service to children, including the Arizona Foundation for Women’s Sandra Day O’Connor Award and Most Dynamic Woman of the Year award from Clarins USA. Others include an award for international collaboration to prevent child abuse presented by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom; a U.S. Department of Justice award presented by President Ronald Reagan; the Kiwanis World Service Medal, the Global Women’s Summit Award, Family Circle magazine’s Women of the Year, and an award from the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs. She has been the recipient of several awards in Washington, D.C., including the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award, National Caring Award, the Hubert Humphrey Memorial Award at the Touchdown Club, and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Charity Awards Dinner. Sara, along with Co-Founder Yvonne Fedderson, have been nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Endorsements for the prestigious nomination include letters from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and former First Lady Barbara Bush, along with numerous politicians, educators, and corporate executives. A papal recognition and recent Humanitarian Award by the Interfaith Movement demonstrates the intersection of service and faith. Most recent accolades include a Golden Rule Humanitarian Award by the Interfaith Movement, the Foundation for Global Sports Development Humanitarian Award, and the Stanford University Hall of Fame Award.

Childhelp has rescued over twelve million children over six decades and counting.

Sara’s prayer is that the holder of this book will be blessed upon turning that first page.

To learn more, visit and follow us on social media @thelittlechapelaz.

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