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Russell Gray and Mona Guarino

Russell Gray and Mona Guarino
Love After: Dream Still Come True
Love After: Dream Still Come True

LOVE AFTER: Dreams Still Come True

by Russell Gray & Mona Guarino

Two people who lived joyful and full lives find themselves alone and lonely when death takes their spouses from them through unexpected and painful circumstances. Each feels they must now face their golden years alone, until they discover how much they have in common.

Love between this widow and widower erupts like a dormant volcano and takes them both by surprise. As they lean into each other they begin to realize that love can still exist without ever losing the precious memories of the husband and wife they no longer have. But caution and concern from their children and their friends cause them to question and defend their budding romance.

Love After is a hopeful story of how one should never stop looking for companionship and never feel guilty about the past.

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Russell Gray proposed to his high-school girlfriend Cheri when he was just 17 years old. They married three months after graduating, raised a large family, and rode the roller-coaster of life, entrepreneurship, and her fatal battle with cancer. Their love story ended when Cheri died in his arms after 41 years of marriage. But a new life began when he met Mona.

Mona Guarino grew up in upstate New York, where in high school she met Gene, the man who would later become her husband of 36 years. Sadly, Gene died unexpectedly after a short, but severe illness.
Today, Mona and her children own and operate the family businesses. She enjoys retreats to the mountains, hiking, homemaking, and building a new and wonderful life with Russ.

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