Ray Doktor

Ray Doktor
All It Takes Is One by Ray Doktor, Psy.D.
All It Takes Is One by Ray Doktor, Psy.D.

ALL IT TAKES IS ONE: Drop Your One BIG Hidden Belief and Master Your Life

by Ray Doktor, Psy.D.

“This book is profound, with compelling insights for the mind and body. Very powerful life tools to work with daily. A must read.”

— Kimberly Meredith, best selling author Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing

“All It Takes Is One” is not just a book but a beacon of hope tailored for anyone navigating the challenging polarization experienced in our modern culture. In a world overwhelmed by endless “experts” and conflicting advice, this book offers you a simple, proven roadmap to identify and release your deepest hidden beliefs, restore trust in yourself, and bring healing to your relationships.nsform our lives. A must-read for anyone seeking motivation, encouragement, and a renewed sense of optimism”

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Ray Doktor, Psy. D., has been a life and relationship coach since 1995, assisting more than 6,000 clients to transcend limiting beliefs and face life’s hurdles, enhancing their confidence, self-trust, and happiness for better individual and family well-being. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, a master’s in counseling psychology, and a bachelor’s in human behavior. Ray’s unique and powerful approach to coaching blends his expertise with techniques like NLP, hypnotherapy, EMDR and ancient practices such as Qigong and meditation to offer a holistic approach to mental health.

Website: raydoktor.com/
TikTok: tiktok.com/@raydoktor

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