Patricia Bailey

Patricia Bailey
Meet Doctor Hall: A Young Woman Searches for Her Truth
Dr. Hall's original journal from 1800s
Meet Doctor Hall: A Young Woman Searches for Her Truth

MEET DOCTOR HALL: A Young Woman Searches for Her Truth

by Patricia Bailey

Fact and fiction collide in this compelling story about a young woman who discovers insights about a heritage she has been denying her whole life. It was only when her grandmother shares the treasured journals of Dr. William L. Hall that Grace Bennett awakens to her inner truth. These authentic journals have been in the possession of the author for decades and chronicle Dr. Hall’s life as a medical missionary in China from 1896 through 1922.

“A mind-bending account about China in the 1800s, the state of medicine and what it meant for women and children. I was mesmerized from start to finish.”
Steven J. Lipsky, M.D., FACEPS, Paradise Valley, AZ.

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Patricia Bailey was born in Huron, South Dakota, raised in Denver, Colorado and has spent most of her adult life in Washington State and Arizona. Along with her sister, Susan, she spent a year living abroad and traveling extensively throughout Europe. Living there was the beginning of her love of art, portrait painting, architecture and design.

At 21 years of age, she married Architect Garrison Bailey. They worked together for many years at his architectural firm in Phoenix, Arizona. After acquiring Dr. Hall’s residence, they moved to Washington State and worked at various architecture firms. Both shared a passion for juicing and nutrition and opened a chain of juice bars.

Patricia became a licensed real estate broker in 2003 and retains a broker’s license in Arizona.

Throughout most of her adult life, Patricia has been a portrait painter, avid reader and loves to hike and play golf. All of which she now enjoys living in Scottsdale, Arizona and Tubac, Arizona.

It was always her goal to have Dr. Hall’s journals published to honor his amazing life and is grateful to see this become a reality.

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