Michael S. Gorton and Jay H. Sanders

Michael S. Gorton
Digital Medical Home by Michael S. Gorton and Jay H. Sanders
Digital Medical Home by Michael S. Gorton and Jay H. Sanders

Digital Medical Home: How the Telemedicine Revolution Ignited the Creation of Precision Health
by Michael S. Gorton, MS JD and Jay H. Sanders, MD, FACP

The practice of medicine has advanced lightyears in recent decades, but has yet to realize its full potential.

This book shares the many tales that led to the Telemedicine revolution and brought us to where we are today. Now, with the Digital Medical Home, technology will deliver care, labs and sometimes treatment to wherever the patient is, not where the doctor is. This new platform will continuously monitor data, and catch things before they become dangerous and expensive. Find out how technology can create patient empowerment and enhanced personalization of health care.

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Mr. Gorton, co-founder of Recuro Health, is a 14-time Serial Entrepreneur and bestselling author whose companies have created industries, and tens of billions of dollars in wealth. He has experience building both public and private companies in the digital health, telecom, music, energy, healthcare, book publishing, aerospace, education and water remediation industries. Throughout his executive career, Michael has founded and led industry-changing companies, including Internet Global, Teladoc, Palo Duro Records, Principal Solar, Back To Space and Recuro Health. Michael is credited with being one of the pioneer/creators of the telemedicine industry, now approaching a half-trillion dollars globally. The Texas Business Hall of Fame has recently added Gorton to their Board. The World Economic Forum has named him a Tech Pioneer in healthcare, and Ernst and Young have named him Entrepreneur of the Year.

In 2021, Gorton and John Halsey along with some of the pioneers of telemedicine and digital health, created Recuro Health, a company that has developed a Digital Medical Home. Recuro now serves three million members with the next generation of care, delivered through brokers, TPA’s and several of the Fortune Fifty companies. The Company has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Tech Pioneer in Healthcare, and by Ernst and Young as one of the nation’s fasted growing companies.

Recuro Health


Jay H. Sanders, MD is President and CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group, Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Adjunct), a Founding Board Member of the American Telemedicine Association where he serves as President Emeritus and headed the FCC’s Rural Healthcare Fund and was the Scientific, Military and Medical Advisory Committee of the National Science Foundation ASSIST center developing medical sensors at North Carolina State University. He is identified by his colleagues as the “Father of Telemedicine”.

Dr. Sanders has served on the NASA Biological and Physical Research Space Advisory Committee, as a consultant to the NASA Space Communication Center and was the Scientific Director for the NASA Medical Informatics and Technology Applications Commercial Space Center.

He has been a consultant to the Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) at Ft. Detrick, the CIO of the Military Healthcare System, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Air Force Center for Telehealth and Theater Informatics, the Veteran Administration, and previously was appointed the only civilian member of the Department of Defense Telemedicine Board of Directors with the Surgeon Generals of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Dr. Sanders has served as a consultant to the Southern Governors’ Homeland Security Telehealth Anti-Bioterrorism Task Force and was the Principal Investigator of a grant from the Office of the Secretary of Defense related to First Responder education and standards.

He was appointed by former Secretary of HHS, Michael Leavitt, to the Chronic Care Workgroup of the American Health Information Community Committee, and during the Clinton Administration he directed the U.S. telemedicine initiatives to the G-8 nations. Additionally, he has been a consultant to the World Health Organization on Health Telematics, as well as a consultant to the Russian Telemedicine Foundation.

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