Michael Fomkin

Michael Fomkin
Finding Fame by Michael Fomkin
Finding Fame, The Insider's Guide to Real Entertainment Industry Connections by Michael Fomkin

FINDING FAME: The Insider's Guide to Real Entertainment Industry Connections

by Michael Fomkin

IMAGINE that tomorrow you could . . .

Be face-to-face with an Academy Award-winning director, talking about your ambitions and hearing their advice;

Speak directly to a casting director who works with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and get tips on auditioning right from the source;

Play your demo for the producer of a major record label and get their immediate feedback; Meet the casting agent for a major make-up or clothing line and they could tell you exactly what type of modeling would best suit you.

Imagine tomorrow was the perfect opportunity for you and your career. You don’t have to imagine. Here is your opportunity to find out how it works.

Would you take it? Would you be ready for it?

"Finding Fame is the only resource for aspiring artists. It contains everything you need to know about growing your career in this competitive industry."

Mark Victor Hansen, #1 NYT Chicken Soup for the Soul®

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Michael Fomkin, the Connection King, has dedicated almost two decades to helping models, actors, and musicians connect with the most influential people in the industry through VIP Ignite. He is one of the top experts in the industry and is the founder of Truth Management, the fastest-growing talent management firm in the USA. He recently expanded his horizons to represent individuals who have something to say and merely need a stage to speak from.

He set himself the goal to change the perspectives of the entertainment industry for the people who are unique and who are different, to help them connect and succeed in this industry. In doing so, he has invested over a million dollars in education and leadership and has spoken live and virtually from some of the world’s biggest stages. He is also a Broadway Investor, forever supporting the arts.

Michael has won over thirty-eight awards throughout his career and recently added another accolade to his collection: The Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 for his contributions to the Media and the Entertainment Industry. His company frequently donates to Operation Underground Railroad, helping free over 3,500 kids worldwide from sex trafficking, and has helped with the cause of eradicating homelessness in multiple cities.

When he’s not pouring himself into his work, he often takes the time to indulge in his love of baseball or relaxes with a game of MTG, Magic: The Gathering.

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