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Matt George, the nonprofit prophet
The Nonprofit Prophet by Matt George
Starfish Among Us by Matt George
The Nonprofit Prophet by Matt George

Nonprofit Prophet by Matt George

Thomas Matthews is a sixty-year-old businessman who devised nonprofit programs in over fifteen major cities during his life. After setting up the foundation for successful nonprofit entities outside of Tulsa, Thomas chooses to relocate to the outskirts of Chicago’s Southside because of a family tragedy that leaves his daughter and two grandchildren alone. Once in Chicago, Thomas continues to seek out the weakest links in the community as he has done in other areas. But Chicago proves to be his toughest challenge yet. Would a foiled kidnapping, and a selfless act by a homeless man, make his case? It is up to Thomas, the Nonprofit Prophet, to prove that one good deed means more than a check in the bank.

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Starfish Among Us by Matt George

Starfish Among Us by Matt George

Jeff Williams witnesses an act of bullying toward a fellow student, Scott, and through his efforts to help, they become friends. Jeff discovers how poverty affects his friend, as well as so many others in his school. His grandfather has spent his entire life in community service and teaches Jeff that every act of kindness makes a difference—just like saving one starfish at a time.

Join Jeff and his sister Erica, along with their friends Scott and Summy as they rally support and engage their fellow students to make a difference in their community. Starfish Among Us is an inspiring story of how small efforts can achieve big results and, in the end, change people’s lives.

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Matt George hails from Peoria, Illinois. He is an author, a Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Coach, President of employeeInsite, entrepreneur, consultant, television host, public speaker, and influencer.

As the former President/CEO of several leading nonprofits, Matt saw social service agencies most serious social ills. Matt draws from over thirty years of front-line experience to fearlessly act as an agent for change and defender of good against the gnawing grind of social decay, poverty, homelessness, and crime. From running a $35-million-dollar company with over 450 employees, to handling some of the toughest cases in business and social service, Matt is a trustworthy and confident leader who commands a room and loves to see others win. Matt is now taking the message globally that it is all of our jobs to take care of the communities that we live in.

Matt is also a popular TV host, hosting his own weekly half-hour television show, “Business Forward”, and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book Nonprofit Game Plan: The Proven Strategy for Nonprofit Success.

Matt changes the narrative of poorly run 501c3 charities looking for handouts and uses his unorthodox style and proven results to solidify the case that nonprofits should run like businesses, not charities. And now Matt has taken that approach in helping all businesses achieve their goals. Former Caterpillar Inc. CEO and Chairman of the Board, Doug Oberhelman says, “Matt exemplifies leadership in his community and making it a much better place. He’s involved, committed, and is recognized for his many contributions. His ability to lead large complex organizations are well documented and many people look up to him.”

Kevin Harrington, an original Shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank and inventor of the infomercial, calls Matt “the Nonprofit CEO of our time.” He states that “Matt George is undoubtedly a community leader & organizer with unbreakable resilience, compassion, and a huge heart. His empathetic approach offers a 24/7 open door policy with an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.”

Living by the motto “Impossible is for the Unwilling” and driven to be “All In, All the Time,” Matt stays true to his calling by embodying his own mission statement that “Every day there is an opportunity to Change Lives and Save Lives.”

Matt and his wife Laura live in Peoria, Illinois and have five children, Carly, Allie, Lauren, Izabelle, and Matthew.



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