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Lyle Lee Jenkins

Lyle Lee Jenkins
All About Henry, Rich Widower of Savannah Valley
All About Henry, Rich Widower of Savannah Valley by Lyle Lee Jenkins

ALL ABOUT HENRY: Rich Widower of Savannah Valley
by Lyle Lee Jenkins

Henry and his beloved wife of almost fifty years, Edith, were preparing for their golden years when the unthinkable happened.

She called it the H & E World Tour, but it was cut short just as it was beginning and Henry was left alone in his despair with no where to go and no one to share the future with. He still wasn’t sure how he ended up in Savannah Valley. The brochures were beautiful and assured him he could design the house he and Edith always wanted. He needed a place to stay still for awhile but the widows of Savannah Valley had something else in mind.

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Lyle Lee Jenkins is an author, speaker and recognized authority in improving educational outcomes. He believes that implementing a growth mindset and celebrating both individual and collective progress is the key to helping students learn more and retain their kindergarten level of enthusiasm for school.

Lyle Lee has spent 50 years in education. Before founding LtoJ Consulting Services in 2003, he worked as a teacher, principal, school superintendent and university department head.

Lee’s education improvement books include How to Create a Perfect School, How to Create a Perfect Home School and Optimize Your School. The number of titles in his Bible Patterns for Young Readers and Aesop Patterns for Young Readers series grows almost monthly. Lyle Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts from Point Loma Nazarene University, a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from California State University, San Jose and a Ph.D. from The Claremont Graduate University.

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