Louis A. Tartaglia M.D.

Louis A.Tartaglia M.D.
Last Gift of the Magi by Luis A. Tartaglia M.D.
Last Gift of the Magi by Luis A. Tartaglia M.D.


by Louis A. Tartaglia M.D.

The Christmas Story you’ve never heard.

Jamil, the young camel, is on a pilgrimage to meet the Holy Child. He has been told that he is a special gift to be given to the new babe, but he is not sure what that means. He, along with the Magi and the shepherds, converge at the stable on that long ago Christmas eve to meet the newborn baby after Mary and Joseph escaped the brutal King Herod. Be inspired by both man and beast to discover your own gifts and inner strengths amidst life’s challenges during the Christmas holidays and throughout the year.

“An enchanting fable of self-discovery. Powerful, delightful, and uplifting. Last Gift of the Magi is destined to become a Christmas classic. Its success will be measured in how many souls it brings to Jesus.”

—Les Brown - World’s Leading Motivational Speaker and author of You’ve Got to be Hungry

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Louis A. Tartaglia MD

In all his endeavors, Dr. Louis A. Tartaglia has devoted himself to helping others discover their purpose in life and uncover their hidden potential. He is a Sleep medicine specialist, creative writer and inspirational speaker. He is the author of several books, including

Flawless, the Great Wing and Heart to Heart.

He lives in Sylvania, Ohio with his wife Jeanne and in his spare time coaches fencing. In the past he has practiced Psychiatry and Addiction medicine, and helped set up a rehab for Mother Teresa in Rome, Italy and Chihuahua, Mexico.

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