Ethan A. Wohlwend

Ethan Wohlwend
The Treehouse by Ethan A. Wohlwend
The Treehouse by Ethan A. Wohlwend


by Ethan A. Wohlwend

Darius and Katie’s life did a complete turn-around one day when they discovered a pile of scrap lumber at a building site in their neighborhood. While carrying wood home on their bikes, they got help from a new friend, Joe. With the idea of having a place of their own, they built a treehouse. Using their extra materials, they fixed a neighbor’s stairs. They started helping many others in their community with their “Handy Kids Carpentry”. Despite opposition from a town official with a personal agenda, they prevailed and learned valuable lessons about building a business.

“Power to the kids and their willingness to learn new skills and make a difference in their community. What a great story for the whole family.”

—Crystal Dwyer Hansen, International Speaker and Co-Author of Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny

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Ethan A. Wohlwend started investing when he was five years old and has been buying real estate since he was seven. He graduated with his Ohio Professional Housing Providers certification in November 2019 at just nine years old! That made him the youngest graduate ever, and one of only two minors to ever graduate.

Ethan is currently twelve years old and in 9th grade. He started a real estate business when he was seven that now owns thirty-eight units and is constantly growing. He invests in real estate, gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies.

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