Deven J. Wohlwend

Deven J. Wohlwend, teen author of The Atlas Gold Series
The Garage by Deven J. Wohlwend
The Fall and Rise of Atlas Gold by Deven J.Wohlwend
The Fall and Rise of Atlas Gold  by Deven J. Wohlwend

The Atlas Gold Series - book 2


by Deven J. Wohlwend

Atlas Gold’s high-flying dreams are in danger of crashing to the ground as his once successful drones start to go missing. Who is responsible and why? The town mayor is the first suspect, but is he really the culprit? Who else wants to destroy this innovative teenager and for what reason? Atlas and his friends continue to do their best to support their school and the town, while trying to solve the mystery of the drone thief.

“Atlas Gold, boy genius, continues to grow as an inventor and hero to his community—a marvelous inspiration for teens and adults everywhere.”

Mark Victor Hansen, #1 NYT Chicken Soup for the Soul®

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The Garage by Deven J. Wohlwend

The Atlas Gold Series - book 1

THE GARAGE: Five Kids. One Dog. Big Dreams

by Deven J. Wohlwend

Atlas Gold has big dreams and isn’t afraid to go after them. Despite opposition from the town mayor, who has his own agenda, Atlas charges forward and changes the lives of everyone in his small town for the better. Along with a team of friends and help from his family, he finds a way to give back and inspires everyone he meets with his enthusiasm and determination.

“I am going to recommend this book to all the kids I know who don’t believe they can make a difference. This will show them that they should let nothing get in their way.”

—Steve Louie author of The Overnight Millionaire

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Deven J. Wohlwend started investing when he was five years old. Since then he has been listening to podcasts, reading books and going to seminars to learn more. When he was 11 he published his first book,

If I Can Do It, So Can You.

Deven has been home schooled his whole life and is currently taking classes at Stark State University. Every night his dad tells him & his brother to dream about making the world a better place. He hopes this book will make your world a better place, too. His advice to everyone is to be creative and take action.

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