Cynthia Manion

Cynthia Manion
Black Pearl, A Love Letter to the Ocean
Black Pearl, A Love Letter to the Ocean

BLACK PEARL: A Love Letter to the Ocean

by Cynthia Manion

Kat Bristol always had a love affair with the ocean. As a child, the beach and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean were her sanctuary, but when she and her family moved to the US, she had to redefine herself. It was a strange man on a Pacific Ocean beach, who showed her that she was powerful and important to those around her. But she had to outsmart those who were trying to bring her down. A near death experience made her choose what was important and taught her how to access the internal being that is her true self.

“A brilliant masterpiece which ties in the wonders of the sea and will have you evaluating what’s important in life, as well as how you treat others. Truly an exciting book that leaves you wanting more. A must read, especially for those seeking greater appreciation of nature and people around you!”

— Carolyn Ammons, Col, USAF

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Cynthia Manion — Business Woman, Actress, Author, Model

A lot of people over 55 have lost their dreams. I am here to help bring a little joy and open you to becoming who you really want to be, NOW!

The daughter of an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and a homemaker, Cynthia developed her “people skills” at an early age. Her father’s military obligations dictated that her family continually move while growing up.

Cynthia resided in Europe, East Africa and the Seychelles Islands. Upon her father’s retirement, the family settled in suburban Washington, D.C.

At age 15, Cynthia began modeling. She was booked into conventions, print ads and onto runways for clients Such as Ford Aerospace, Bordens, May Co, Colt 45 and Black Label beers among others. Cynthia recalled, “When I first started out, I modeled as a Hoola girl, cowgirl, foot soldier and even an astronaut.

In 1978 she graduated with honors with an Associates degree from Mt. Vernon College Washington D.C. then decided to further her education when she was admitted into Georgetown University.

When she was 21 her mother died of leukemia and Cynthia decided to leave school to care for her two younger sisters ages three and fourteen and her sixteen-year-old brother. As she soon discovered, taking care of a family was not as easy as her mother had made it look, but the challenge helping raise her family contributed significantly to her strength of character. Several years later when Cynthia’s father remarried she could once again concentrate on her own life.

To establish her independence and to pursue a career in modeling, 23 year old Cynthia moved to New York City with a mattress strapped to the top of her car and $450 in her pocket. She found an apartment for $400 and after assessing her finances, she realized she had less than three weeks to find a job.

With a copy of The Ross Reports in hand (a booklet listing modeling contacts) Cynthia remembers “I went through that book alphabetically and pounded the pavement for 21/2 weeks in high heels before landing my first job.”

Her career began to flourish modeling for Oscar de la Renta and Serena Swimwear.

In addition to modeling, Cynthia’s career as an actress took off when she started appearing in popular soap operas including As the World Turns, Loving and One Life to Live, as well as feature films such as Desperately Seeking Susan, Girls Night Out, Preppies, Blowout, and Diner.

She has also graced the covers of national magazines including Motor Boat and Sailing and Baltimore Magazine among others.

In 1986 Cynthia’s life took a new turn. She had always had an interest in business and what started out as a modeling assignment for Gloria Vanderbilt turned into a new opportunity.

Cynthia moved into the sales end of the business and was eventually named national sales manager for the company. Cynthia’s aptitude for business served her well when Harley Davidson placed her in charge of their national merchandising.

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